If you own a car, it’s likely you have an MOT test carried out on it each year. Doing so makes your vehicle roadworthy and raises any issues that need fixing. In a rental property, landlords pay for a gas safety check to get carried out each year. Not only is the law, but it also ensures tenants don’t become ill from carbon monoxide poisoning.

What about electrical wiring inspections? You can have what’s known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR done. In a nutshell, an EICR is like an electrical MOT for your home or business premises.

Qualified electricians like MJD Electrical can carry out electrical installation condition reports. We inspect all aspects of a building’s wiring and electrical systems. The things we check include:

● Electrical wiring;
● Sockets and switches;
● Light fittings;
● Earthing and bonding; and
● Circuit tests.

Why carry out an EICR?

The answer is simple: to ensure the electrics in a property are safe. Regular inspections are necessary for the following reasons:

● Identify faulty wiring. Over time, all electrical systems will become worn and need replacement. If electrical wiring doesn’t get checked often, you increase the risk of electrocution. And there’s also a higher chance of fires occurring;
● Reduce the risk of litigation. If an employee got injured because of faulty wiring at your premises, you could get sued. What’s more, the Health & Safety Executive may even fine you as well. As you can imagine, that’s not a scenario you should experience;
● Reduce your electricity costs. Sometimes faulty wiring and equipment can increase the cost of your electricity usage. By getting an EICR carried out, you can put things right and save money.

How often should EICR tests get carried out?

The answer will depend on the type of premises you’ve got. Here’s a basic list:

● Residential premises – ten years (private), 5 years (rented);
● Offices and Schools – five years;
● Cinemas – one to three years.

Do you need to get your home or commercial premises tested? If so, contact MJD Electrical today for a free, no-obligation quote.
PAT Testing

Another thing that MJD Electrical specialise in is PAT testing. If you run a business, it’s crucial that you have all electrical equipment tested each year. This is important whether you have one employee or a thousand.

We are competent and skilled Portable Equipment Testing specialists. Our team have the knowledge and tools to ensure the items you use are safe and fit for purpose.

Did you know that many electrical fires in the UK each year get caused by faulty equipment? To lessen the risk of that happening, you need to get your electricals PAT tested annually. Not only is it a good idea, but it’s also the law too!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got a few or several hundred electrical items. Give MJD Electrical a call today and we can provide you with a PAT testing quote for your business. Alternatively, send us an email via our Contact page and we’ll get back to you.