Domestic and commercial properties need protection from theft and vandalism. One of the ways to achieve that goal is by having the right security systems installed.

Properties also need adequate fire protection. Both residential and commercial premises get fire alarms installed for that reason. And when an emergency occurs, there is a need for lighting to help people evacuate a building.

MJD Electrical offer a range of security, fire, and lighting services to domestic and commercial customers.


It’s a sad fact of life that property owners have to consider the fact they may become a victim of theft. Statistics may show that theft, in general, is on the decrease. But, that doesn’t mean it never happens. What’s more, an insecure property is a higher target for thieves.

You can now take steps to secure your home or office thanks to MJD Electrical. We offer a variety of security solutions tailored to meet individual needs.

Each solution can incorporate features such as:

  • CCTV security camera systems;
  • Access control systems;
  • Remote property monitoring using the Internet; and
  • Alarm systems with infrared proximity detectors.

It’s no secret that a property with lax security will become an easy target for thieves. To lessen the risk, you have to make it harder for them to enter your property. Contact MJD Electrical today for a free no-obligation security quote.


The one thing none of us like to think about is fire. The shocking truth is that fires can affect people even if they’ve taken precautions. Some people assume that fires only happen due to carelessness. But, fires can start due to all kinds of reasons.

For example, a fire might start at your premises because of faulty electrical wiring. A fire could break out following a natural disaster. One thing’s for certain: it’s impossible to predict when you might have to deal with a fire at your premises.

One way to ensure everyone is safe during such an event is by having a fire alarm installed. That way, when smoke gets detected, or someone raises the alarm, people can escape to safety.

Here at MJD Electrical, we install fire alarm systems to suit many environments. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


It doesn’t matter whether there’s an emergency situation or if it’s just dark outside. One thing you’ll need to rely on is a strong lighting system!

You could, of course, attempt to install lighting systems yourself. But, the trouble with that approach is you could end up doing something wrong. It makes better sense to hire an expert that can fit the right lighting systems for your needs.

MJD Electrical have installed an array of lighting systems for customers over the years. From decorative to emergency lighting, you can count on us to fit a solution that works well for you.

Do you need to add some new lighting systems or improve existing ones? If so, why not give MJD Electrical a call today. We can talk you through the options available and provide you with a no-obligation quote.