All modern homes have electricity supplies going to them. It’s crucial that the wiring within them is safe and up to the job. The thing about electrical wiring is that it will break down over time.

Many people don’t realise that electrical wires need replacement in a home after a while. Especially when the plastic insulation on each wire gets burnt out and worn.

The dangers of faulty wiring

When a house has faulty wiring, it can pose a serious fire hazard. It can also lead to things like electrocution and even fatal accidents.

The thing is; many people are unaware of how old their existing wiring is in their homes. What’s worse is that some householders don’t know how to spot worn or faulty wiring.

Do I need a full house rewire?

In general, if you live in a property that is more than 25 years old, it’s crucial to check that it’s up to date and safe. So, how can you tell if your wiring is modern or got installed fairly recently? One way to tell is by looking at the “consumer unit”. This is what most people refer to as the “fuse box.”

If the consumer unit has big ceramic fuses, chances are your wiring isn’t modern. Another telltale sign is by looking at some exposed wiring in your home:

  • Modern wiring should have grey PVCu insulation;
  • Fabric insulation got used until the 1960s;
  • Lead insulation got used until 1955;
  • Even older types of rubber insulation are still in use today!

The problem with old insulation is that it breaks down and poses a risk of electrocution.

You should also note that PVCu wiring may also need changing. That’s because early wiring didn’t consist of “twin and earth” cabling. In other words, you should have two “live” wires (Live and Neutral) plus an Earth wire. The older PVCu wires don’t have an Earth wire.

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Do I need a partial rewire?

Are you planning to extend your home? If so, you’ll need the wiring installed by a qualified electrician. Any significant changes to your electrical wiring must conform to Part P. building regulations. Only a qualified electrician such as MJD Electrical can do that for you.

If you’ve got modern PVCu wiring, you may only need a partial rewire where the consumer unit is. Believe it or not, some homes have newer wiring but old consumer units!

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